Monday, September 24, 2007

Catching up... August 25, 2006

Today, Katie got her schedule for 10th grade in public school. Today we saw the illusionist. Today, Pluto was cancelled as a planet.

In the parking lot, I asked the angels to give us a good spot in the upper level parking lot between Barnes and Noble and Legal Seadood as sson as we go there. I asked it out loud, as I always do. And as soon as we pulled up, there it was. But someone else was pulling into it.

Katie laughed, saying, "I guess we have to ask for a spot that no one else is pulling into."
Max said, "Oh, let's just park anywhere. I hate this."
And I said, "Max, your negative vibe is making it hard for me to hold the vision.
And he said, "I do not have a negative vibe. I just want to park!"
That's when the man with the limp walked out and led us to our spot.

This does not make me right. It just means that we got a parking spot.
And that I am driving my son crazy with things that, for now, he doesn't care about one bit.

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