Friday, September 14, 2007

Changing the Subject

I am about to change the subject. You may have noticed that my last post was not about my father, or my mother or my family home being sold or even about Max going to college. It was about a fire that happened to us in May, 2007. A fire that seared and changed everything in my life. A fire that must be documented.... out side of my journal, I mean.

So I am changing the subject.

I will begin posting all of my hidden works. The books that I have been working on for several years... because I must get them out into the light. They feel moldy and old just sitting there, and I want to infuse them with new life.

What I noticed, so far, about blogging, was that my work 1) sounds better to me when I put it on my blog than when i read it as just "something I am working on". It sounds and feels more complete and more authoritative.

Blogging my "old" work enlivens it, freshens it, like throwing open the windows in spring.

So that;s what I am about this week.

But I will also keep you posted on the Dad and Mom show, as it plays out.

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