Thursday, September 13, 2007

The End of Men: The End of Men

Four years before the cosmic clock ticks out, in the year 2012, as predicted by the Mayans (TK WHEN) this hurrying makes a kind of “sense”, as if we are coming to the edge of something, a waterfall of time, and the waters are hurrying over the edge. Will this be the end of men? Will Armageddon come?
On a micro level, I am preparing to say goodbye to my son who will graduate soon. We will pack a trunk with his belongings and send him to college, and I will begin to live without him for the rest of my life. There are prom tickets, a class play, a music festival, a graduation party to distract me from this heart fire, the searing sadness that licks at my heart. But I know it is coming.
I am preparing to say goodbye, also, to my father, who teeters on the edge of life itself. And the question I have been asking for the past 30 years, should I stay with my husband? comes up again.

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