Tuesday, September 25, 2007

idea I had

Im thinking of breaking this blog into separate subjects, like columns in a magazine, my most comfortable venue. Ive named a few new blogs and I'd love your feedback, if you have any.

They are:

Second Blooming: Thoughts about regeneration at midlife, youthening, aging, anti-aging, completing cycles

The End of Men: Thoughts about raising our parents, about the end of the world, ahem, and all the prophecies and what they really mean (archetypally, mysitcally). And about DAd and Mom and elder care and the nursing home business and so forth... what I mean is, this one is about death and caring for our elders--and about the ethical and moral issues in play.

FIlling our Emptiness: On the ways that Americans (and others) have lost the ability to work the sometimes uncomfortable edge of real feeling experience and so, when we feel anything that feels too good or too bad, we turn to addictions (food, television, empty activities, self-destructive activities (cutting, anorexia, sex addiction, drug and alchool abuse) to stuff down and numb out our feeling experience.

Your Sacred Story: Exploring the mystery of our life path; discussions of mission and destiny; themes and patterns in the life cycle. This is my Master's Thesis project. Very deep (if I do say so myself)

Bee Priestess: Exploring the meaning and magic of dreams; dream interpretation; a possible forum for exchange of dreams; developing a personal dream vocabulary

Transformation by Fire: Exploration of the way that hardship and challenge transform us; alchemy; sacred fire; the fire we had in our barn; Kail and other fire deities, etc.

FLOW: My whole living, fitness, diet blog
FLOW MENUS: My yummy recipe blog
EAT THIS: My food addiction, food obsession blog


What would you do with 330 million dollars? A blog about creating a master plan for your life, even if you dont ever win the big prize. This one is just for fun...

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