Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Full of Myself/Four feathers

Last weekend, I picked up a book called, "Be Full of Yourself," by Patricia Lynn Reilly, at the Green Meadow Fall Fair.I picked it up because I liked the implications of that title--and because, the older I get, the less "full of myself" I seem to be.

Today, I took it with me to Panera, where I planned to read it for secrets that might inspire me to write; and when I opened it, I found four feathers tucked into its pages...and because feathers are one of the ways that my angels talk to me, I knew that I should pay attention, and I figured that the thing I should pay attention to was the page where the feathers appeared. Here's what it says:

Pause to remember your healthy desire for acknowledgment and recognition: the time when you hung all your second grade paintings on the living room wall and sent invitations to your neighbors to come to your first art showing; the time when you asked all the Thanksgiving guests to listen to the stories you'd written and to clap after each one**; or the time when you called your sister's best friend because you knew she'd listen to your ideas--with the same interest she showed to adults.

** as I typed this, a young girl at the table beside mine started clapping.

If you do not remember your childhood, recall the healthy desire for acknowledgment and recognition expressed by your pre-adolescent daughter, granddaughter, or niece: the time she asked if the family could have a weekly "show and tell" time so everyone could be applauded; or the time when she wrote to the president about how to help homeless people and called the White House when she didn't get an answer soon enough to suit her. Allow your daughter, granddaughter or niece to awaken memories of a time when you were full of yourself... in the very beginning of life.

I'd forgotten those times but this afternoon, I am sipping iced tea and thinking about them.

Can you remember yours? I'd love to hear about them, in the comments section of this post or, privately, by email.

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