Tuesday, October 9, 2007

happy here

Update on Dad: For those of you following the story on my father's recent admission to a nursing home, when we last left him, Dad was really down, and was planning to make a break out of there.

The next time I visited him there, three days later, he greeted me with: I love this place. he introduced me to Ronald, his roommate, who was neither blind nor deaf, as Dad had suspected earlier. When I arrived, Dad was sitting up in a wheelchair beside Ronald's bed and they were havin a spirited discussion about where they were from and sharing memories of Atlantic City (Where Ronald spent his childhood and Bayside, Dads hometown.

He told me about all the special services he'd received since my last visit--physical therapy, blood work, and the activities he'd participatd in: Meditation and discussion groups. I was so relieved and was able to take down his list of requests without worry or resentment.

Dads list
Photos of family members, including Rosy
His memory scrapbook - the one I made for him last year
a new empty notebook to start a new memory scrapbook - the original is bursting at the seams

When I gave him the scrapbook, at a party at Jenny's house last year (was it father's day? Christmas? I cant remember) I remember that I picked him up in Union City where he was waiting outside with Laura, who'd gotten him down the many stais and out to the curb. And we drove to Jenny's together. I think Matthew was driving that day--and I think they got into an argument on the way home... mkind of making notes here for later exploration, kind of stream of consciousness...

Anyway, when I gve him the scrapbook, he was pretty surprised. He just sat there turning the pages (strong plastic pockets contining photos of family and friends from all parts of his life and some letters that people had written to him for the book) and some awards and newspaper clippings he and mom had saved about his work... he loves that book and I am so glad I made it for him... it might be the best thing I ever did for him, when it all gets added up in the big calculator of karma...

but anyway, he asked me to bring it to him... so today or tomorrow, I will

but first i have to write up my angel column for the week

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