Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I pulled my Brittney post

I have pulled my Brittney post because, frankly, I can't stop tinkering with it and it's simply not that important to me.
Well, yes it is. But I dont want it to be. I do not want to care about Brittney. But I do.

Sorry, there it is. She's a kid. She's in trouble. I care.
Call me sentimental, indulgent (others have). Call me anything...

What I mean is, call me Mom. This is just another example of how I am the mother of the world--taking care of everyone, even pop stars who have no idea that I exist.

The other reason I pulled the post is that I (stupidly) sent it to NPR as a commentary... I know, I know, how lame. But wouldn't YOU like to have them announce YOUR name and then hear yourself reading some pithy, well-thought out piece on some bit of socio-politics? I would. And I thought Brittney might be my ticket. Topical, newsworthy, up to the minute. If I could just get the words right. (And of course, writing this, I realize that by thinking that and sending the post, I had joined the masses of people who are trying to profit from this poor girl's crash.)

Maybe that's why I couldn't get the words straight, why it came out stilted and stiff and made me sound like a dope, posturing and positing and having opinions--which is hard enough for me without Nina Totenburg and Ira Flatow watching. It's hard enough with myself watching--and the few of you who bravely subscribed.

This blog is so new and I am so bad at having opinions about anything, tending to see both sides of every argument and understanding why people do the stupid things they.we do. So I'm going to keep my fingers to myself. I am going to practice, here on my little blog chalkboard, where I can erase things and rearrange them before the big scary world sees me.

Which it will, someday. But not today.

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