Friday, November 2, 2007


Autumn cleansing? What is compelling this urge to purge closets and drawers, file cabinets and hard drives?

Some housekeeping notes:
- One of my favorite self-starting writers, Barbara McNally, publisher of A REAL LIFE, one of the best "zines" on family life and whole living I've ever read (and one of the inspirations for AS IF Magazine), has a new project, hosting retreats on Fire Island.

- Robert Ohotto, my friend, teacher and astrologer--has a wonderful book coming out from Hay House any minute now. I helped him with early edits--my first book editing project! Find it on

- Joyce Maynard, my earliest mentor, is teaching a writing class in Guatemala this Winter. for details.

- MY book, co-authored with Doreen Virtue, will be released this January! You can preorder a copy from Amazon or wait to read it with a latte at Barnes and Noble!

- If youre local, Katie's play, A Midsummer Nights Dream, is on at Nyack High School-tonight and Saturday, at 8 pm. Get there by 7:15 if you want good seats. Katie is playing the rold of Mugwort, a fairy with one line. She wanted me to tell you that.

- I had another bad haircut. Why do I keep going back to that place? Argh. DO YOU KNOW A GREAT STYLIST IN THE NY AREA? Rockland would be great but I'd drive to the city if you know someone great/


mary eileen said...

Congratulations on your book! What an accomplishment!

Cindy said...

Amy, Congratulations on your upcoming book. What a huge accomplishment. Yay for you :-)

Ahem...bad haicuts -- I know all about them you have my very deep sympathies ... the thing about bad haircuts is that they're with you for weeks and weeks and sometimes months ... I'm in northern CA and I'm still looking for a good hairdresser. I know they're out there, but I'm not sure where!

Amy Oscar said...

Thank you, Mary Eileen and Cindy--and the people who emailed me privately, to say "congratulations". The thing is, this isn't that kind of book... I mean, I'm darn proud of it but it didn't take much "book" work. It's a compliation of the columns Doreen and I write for Woman's World. With a few extra comments and insights thrown in. The work, once we'd convinced WW and Hay House that it was a good project, was finding the people who'd sent in the stories and getting releases signed and approving manuscripts. Otherwise, this project feels less like a "first book" than a "Best Of".

Still, I really am excited. My picture is even on the cover. (And finding one that I liked, now that was the real work!)