Saturday, December 1, 2007

My wacky water angels

For those of you who've been following the continuing saga of my angels' water guidance, here's another chapter: (Note: if you missed the first post, this one wont make much sense. You can catch up by clicking HERE.)

So anyway...
I'm at Barnes and Noble tonight, working on my book. I'm kind of hiding here because Matthew is all worked up about losing some paperwork and he keeps trying to rope me into getting worked up with him (which is his way of soothing himself, I know, but I am not in the mood tonight--so I am hiding out in the world of internet cafes until it blows over or until he comes out and goes to see a movie with me, which would also soothe him)

Anyway, I'm here working and then, because I am always trying to distract myself from getting any work done, I get up, buy myself a skim chai (after consuming a large iced tea already) and when I come back to the little green table where I left my jacket and my laptop and my notebook there is a book sitting there - on the table right beside mine - and on the cover there is.... you guessed it a glistening glass of water with some ice cubes

And the title:
You're not sick, you're thirsty! Water, for health, for healing, for life.

Heh - heh.
Those wacky angels.
I threw out the Chai and got some water... lots of water. Which I am sipping now.
I also read the book (which was an excellent distraction from doing my work... and so is this post.)