Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Starting Over

Everything is possible. A new year stretches out in front of us like the crisp white paper that restaurants roll out over tablecloths... and we, sitting here at the table, with our personal cup of colored pencils or markers or, if you prefer, roller ball pens, are ready for anything--filled with possibility and hope.

How to start over: Take out your favorite color and let your hand simply move across the paper, sketch or doodle or write your name over and over and over again. This is only the beginning... this day, in the middle of winter, is not meant for huge choices, resolutions, life-altering decisions. This day is for dreaming the way nature is dreaming. It's for thick cozy socks tucked under your bottom as you lean against the sofa cushions reading the wonderful novel you got for Christmas or recording a dream you had last night or stirring blueberries into muffin batter and sliding them into the oven to bake... THis day is for cocooning and thinking deep thoughts, it's for pulling the covers over your head and slipping back to sleep.

This first day of a new year is the 10th day of a long sleepy winter in which it is perfectly okay to rest, to imagine, to collect all the bits and pieces of your life into piles and ponder: What will I do with all of this now?

Spring is the time for new ideas, rebirth, for leaping into action. For now, the seeds of all of these things sleep deep in the earth, covered by a protective blanket of frost, which is just where they need to be, just what they need to be doing.

Doing what nature does, sleeping when her creatures and flowers sleep, unfurling when they send out green, searching tendrils.... that is the way to begin something new.

For now, give yourself permission to dream--to imagine, to lay protective blankets over your seed beds and sleep. Blessed rest. Happy New Year. Peace.

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