Saturday, February 2, 2008

Angel links... and pink

One of the ways the angels support us is by "arranging" for us to meet the people who can inspire, engage, empower and teach us. When one of these friends arrives in my life, I can (usually) "feel" it. There's a palpable charge between us--you know what I mean, you've felt it yourself: That electricity, that instant recognition that this person has the potential to change my life.

Angel-sent friends arrive just when we need their special brand of friendship or mentorship; and soon, they're saying or doing something that answers a question we've been asking or something that mirrors our own issues and concerns.

Sometimes, an angel friend lands in our lives for just a few moments, serving as a conduit to another person or experience. But many, simply because they resonate with our highest, best self, stick around; we like having them around.

The angels have sent me many such friends to play with--one is Patricia Gaddis, a writer from Asheville, North Carolina, whom I "met" several years ago when I selected her wonderful story for the magazine column that I edit.

Whenever Patricia emails, she sends a shorthand greeting that, no matter what I'm doing, instantly grounds me in angel energy. She writes: Pink

To be honest, I no longer remember why she writes the word pink. I know that we've often discussed energy and the sending of energy between one person and another. At this point, to me, it's a little blast of pink light and I always "pink" her back.

This morning, just as I was getting ready to start blogging, I checked my email and found a message from Patricia which read:
This reminded me of you... Pink

Patricia's message--and the story, on Beliefnet, reminded me of YOU, my subscribers, so I thought I'd share it. I've linked Patricia's message to the Beliefnet site. Just click on it to be taken there.

Her message reminded me, also, of another angel-sent friend (and writer), April Burk, whom I "met" ten or twelve years ago when our children were small and I was writing a little "zine" called "Family to Family".

April, who found my advertisement in the back of "Mothering" Magazine, was one of my first and best contributors--and she soon started her own zine, "In My Shoes: Stories from the walk of life" which I loved. Both zines met the fate of most zines, their eager publishers ran out of money.

April and I share a greeting, too--the letter "H", a little code that reminds me that, as she once told her husband Sam, "Yes, I know we've never met but we are still friends!" To which I add, "Very good friends... so there!"

Finally, here's a wonderful world to explore. This link, recently sent to me by Tom, the angel who is selling us his house, and shaking up my life, is to

A site featuring inspiring lectures on all sorts of themes including: Art, Music, Science, Education, Love, Faith, Politics; offered by some of the world's most innovative and inspiring creators.

I've already spent several hours exploring and listening. In fact, last night, instead of my usual Friday night "What Not To Wear" marathon, I pulled up a comfy chair to my husband's computer and got lost in the site, watching clip after clip. I especially recommend Ken Robinson's talk on Education.

Enjoy: TED

I'll close as Patricia would, by writing: Pink pink with a little note to April, who's reading this: H.

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