Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

I once joked, "Oprah is single-handedly going to shift this country's consciousness toward light." Today, gulp, I think this might be true. Oprah is the Tipping Point.

I mean, just try and find a book the day after she's recommended it!

Like millions of others, I went to the bookstore to purchase Eckhart Tolle's book, "A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose" because Oprah had told me to. But those millions of others seemed to have gotten there before me because, at least at the Border's Books in Fort Lee, New Jersey, every copy had been swept from the shelves in a matter of hours (according to the clerk at the Customer Service Desk). She assured me that every copy of A New Earth had been sold.

So I walked around the store, making a big pile of other books that caught my interest. And as I stacked, I prayed: If there is a copy of A New Earth in this store, please bring me to it.

Then, I sat down in the cafe with my pile of books and an iced decaf green tea.

Two hours later, just as I was finishing COOK, chef Jamie Oliver's new book, I felt an urgent need to LEAVE RIGHT NOW. Gathering up my down jacket and overflowing briefcase, I took the Jamie Oliver book to the checkout line, where I purchased it with the gift card my mother had given me for Christmas.

Then, I headed for the exit door. And that's where I spotted it: A great big display of "A New Earth"--right in front of the Customer Service desk where I'd stood just two hours earlier and been told, "We're all sold out."

"Was this here all day?" I asked the new clerk, a helpful young man with rumpled shirt and spiky hair.
"Nope," he said. "Just unpacked 'em."
"Where did they come from?" I asked.
"Just arrived..." he said. "Or maybe they were there before. Not sure."
"Thanks," I said, smiling as I turned away. For sure enough, my angels had done exactly what I'd asked them to do. They'd found the copies that were in the store and had, indeed, led me to them.

I took the book home and the next morning, when I showed it to Matthew and told him the story, he looked puzzled as he pulled out the set of A New Earth CDs he'd been listening to all week. "You gave these to me for Christmas!" he laughed.

Which is a fun story to tell... but it is not the reason I sat down to post this today. I did that because I want you to know about this book.

What Eckhart Tolle, the book's author (who is also the author of the best-selling The Power of Now), is really good at, is explaining, in very simple terms, the way that the mind gets tangled in its own fancy footwork. It's refreshingly easy to follow. In fact, for the first time, I kind of understand what the EGO is and how to outsmart it (sometimes).

Using Tolle's guidelines, I've already caught my EGO obsessing about how I look, who Im with (and how that makes me look), what I'm wearing (and how that makes me look)... you get the picture.

He's also showing me why Oprah is so darn effective. Because she has managed to translate who she really is into action--in the show she created and then reinvented in her own way, refusing to cover "dark" subjects anymore. Insisting on moving her oeuvre toward light... in so doing, she set an example we can all follow. Do your inner work, dig down and find out what you're really about and then, in every choice you make, shine THAT into the world. She wrestled that pesky EGO to the ground and mastered it... convincing IT that, in order to survive, in order to "look good" she was going to have to be more of who she really is.

And that's how Oprah became the tipping point--leading her enormous audience to the side of the scale that she chose, from her core self, the side where the light shines most brightly.


Tom Volkar / Delightful Work said...

I enjoyed your story. I wonder how much that book was already in your consciousness when you went to look for it?

I find that often I'll need to be poked by the Universe 3 or 4 times before I actually purchase the book.

Thanks for the delightfully like poke. I'm buying this one now.

Amy Oscar said...

I, too, need several pokes from the Universe before I "purchase the book". I know this is because, without the repetition, I simply don't trust (well, not always) the guidance.

Knowing that about me, my guidance system keeps poking... until I purchase...

Thanks for your comment, Tom. I like your blog alot!