Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Tomorrow, to welcome spring, I begin my 21-day FLOW Diet. Several readers have requested details. Here's how it works:

The extended explanation of the Flow Diet can be found at FLOW. To summarize, FLOW is a lifestyle based on the choice to live Free, Light, Organic, and Whole in all areas of my lives.

I developed the "rules" of FLOW over 10 years--as I studied every diet and lifestyle plan I could find, tried many of them and observed what works and doesn't work in my busy life. You can build a FLOW plan that works for you in the same way. Here's mine:

* Whenever possible choose foods that are closest to the way nature made them (WHOLE), raised in free, non-toxic environments (ORGANIC, FREE), and are living (LIGHT). Avoid fried and processed foods completely.

* Befriend your body. Exercise daily (on the 21-day intensive, I will go to the gym or a yoga class each day), drink lots of clean water (in refillable bottles--plastic landfill is not FLOW!) and healing herbal teas and homemade soups. Take walks in natural settings. Notice the miraculous way that your body heals wounds, protects itself against toxins, and lets you know what it needs to be healthy. Give it what it needs.

* Embody FLOW.... which means: Avoid stressful situations/arguments/toxic people and environments. If you find yourself involved in a "drama", be present and real, asking: What can I learn here? Do not attempt to fix other people or impose your ideas on them. Do not beat yourself up if you get caught in an argument. Simply move on as quickly as possible. Be kind. Observe and forgive others--and yourself.

* Learn all the time - Absorb, through books and tapes and other media--and through interesting people-- uplifting, enriching information, music, and learning.


FLOW is not about perfection or beating myself up when I slip up and eat a plate of fries. It's about choosing foods, activities, thoughts, and behaviors that are in alignment with the four principles (free, light, organic, whole).

This requires active engagement in each choice I make. It requires awareness and mindfulness. Sometimes, it requires me to face things about myself or my life that aren't working and finally address them. Sometimes, it requires me to sit quietly, simply being.

Always, it requires me to check in with my own values and to be aware of what resonates with my "best self" and what doesn't. It's a commitment to excellence, to impeccability, to doing the best I can... for 21 days.

It's not that I don't always try to live this way--I do. But between you and me, I rarely hit the mark. I suspect that few people do, not all the time. We have other things to do. We get caught up in someone else's drama. Something happens at work and we're delayed, missing an appointment. Sometimes, there just aren't any organic or whole foods available. But we keep trying, keep looking for strategies to include more healthful choices in our lives. That's FLOW.

Last year, when I did 14-day FLOW, I lost a pound a day, my skin began to glow, my hair got all shiny and I had more energy than I'd had since I was a teenager. I'm looking forward to that... in fact, I've actually started FLOWing today.

I'd love to hear about your experience with FLOW, or perhaps you have a protocol that you'd like to share, something that works really well for you.

I'd love to hear about it.

PS. Last year, I put up a blog about FLOW. Click here to access it.
PPSS To access FLOW recipes, search the word "recipe" in the search box at the upper left corner of the FLOW blog.

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Tania said...

Nice post! Although I try to pretty much follow this lifestyle all the time, as you mentioned, I don't always follow through all the time. A little over a month ago I made a conscious choice to follow this on a daily basis, and it's been working well.