Friday, July 4, 2008

Things I'm enjoying this summer...

1) Quiet house: Katie at camp in Boston having big art fun. Max working three jobs--big suntanned lifeguard--and sharing dinner with us again; Matthew and I relaxing into "just us" time.

2) Resuming my yoga practice... hearing, each morning, the whisper of my body saying, "thank you".

3) My daily two mile walk: Down Saddle River Road, up the steep hill that is Margett's, and down the cardio joy run of Hungry Hollow Rd. Across the fairy stream to Red Barn Lane where it's up and up and up through thick fragrant forest to the Fellowship Community where, passing the chicken coops, I dive back into the woods. I pick up the trail that leads away from Indian Rock and pop out in the back orchard. Kicking loose pebbles, I race down the dirt road to the little pond where toads croak and and my new friend, a huge oak, reminds me to listen to life whirling around me--birdsong, wind, tree chatter, rustling and crunching. Sweating, joyful, I climb the last hill through stands of gnarly apple trees with hard green almost fruit forming and encounter a family of cows> They stare, chewing grass as I pass the sheepfold, the greenhouses, the tractor that never seems to move from one spot, the old meeting barn, the creamery--and cross the street to my driveway.

4) This link:

5) Eating again! Following "The Schwarzbein Principle," written by Diana Schwarzbein, the physician who inspired many of the healthier low-carb, high protein diets out there. I can eat all the foods I love and my weight continues to drop, slowly, steadily, sensibly. The plan is honest, sensible, healthy and clearly explained. It works... and by "works" I mean gradual steady weight loss that lasts, healing the metabolism, balancing the hormones, no more migraines (so far), new energy, clear thinking--it's a lifestyle vs. another stupid fad diet.

6) Planning the 50th birthday party I didn't have last year (on my 51st birthday)... and not planning ANYTHING else!

7) Rich, velvety (and a little bit expensive) Cabernet: BV Napa Valley, Sterling, and Rutherford Hill with a lovely lunch at Citrus Grill (or Legal Seafood) with my laptop

8) Writing my book...delicious, frustrating, challenging, intriguing, boring, enchanting, exhausting, invigorating...

9) Decaf iced tea!

10) All the gorgeous new clothes I can wear! (and buying them at Goodwill for pennies!)

11) The flow of blessings in my life... this gratitide that surges up from belly to heart, and widens me.

12) This day.

Please post your own list in the comments section below... I'd love to hear what you're enjoying this summer.

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