Saturday, November 29, 2008

A quick story about grace

I’m enrolled in the Masters/ PhD program at Wisdom University in San Francisco. It's a wonderful school, offering degrees in all the things Ive longed to major in all of my life but could never find in “regular “ school

The faculty include: Stanislav Grof, Angeles Arrien, Richard Tarnas, Caroline Myss, Paul Ray, Sam Keen, Alex Grey, Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Rupert Sheldrake, Gabrielle Roth, Lynn Bell, Diane Berke… and on and on…

Just reading through the program offerings--Wisdom Studies, Personal Transformation, Sacred Activism, Women’s Spirituality—is, for me, like taking a bath in grace. There has never been anything more resonant with my sense of mission. And yet, it’s expensive and money’s been tight and this year, I’d had to withdraw from two classes.

At first I was okay about it. But as the dates for the classes I'd be missing drew nearer, I'd been feeling kind of down, not depressed or even sad, just a little down about not being able to attend. And somewhere in there, I prayed, real quietly: Please help me figure this out. If I can get there, I’d like to be there. If not, help me feel at peace about it.

Two days later, I got an email from the president of the school: We have to take care of each other in times like this. He wrote. We want you to be there. Whatever it takes—scholarship, payment plan—ask and we will help you. In his email, he wished my husband well, accidentally calling him MIKE, not Matt, which is my husbands name. I laughed feeling like this must be a a little wink from Archangel Michael.

With tears in my eyes ,I wrote back, accepting the offer to find a payment I could manage. He referred me to call the registrar and, as it was late Friday afternoon, I promised to call her on Monday.

Saturday morning, Katie and I set off for a college visit. We were crossing the bridge across the Hudson River when I remembered this story and began to tell it to her; and, just as I said the name "Archangel Michael," my cell phone rang!

Wow! Katie said. I wonder who THAT is.
"This is Angela from Wisdom University!" the Registrar said. Eyes wide, I looked at Katie, who listened as chills running up my spine, I told her about her synchronous phone call and we made arrangements.

"I'm going to California!" I said, as I hung up the phone.
"Mommy," my daughter said. "Did you notice that woman's name? It was ANGEL-A."

See this is what happens… and I didn't miss the symbolism of the bridge in this story either. Bridges, in dreams, literature and film analysis, always symbolize the passage from one state to another. That phone call came literally on the bridge to transformation. (For me and my daughter, who discovered, a few hours later, the college she would fall in love with and want to attend)

Isn’t life amazing?

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