Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A new Archetype

America has elected a new archetype
Watching Barack Obama be sworn in and listening to his words, I thought: He knows. He knows just what we’ve done. We’ve chosen an entirely different world. Yes, we've chosen hope over fear as he so eloquently explained. And yes, we've chosen for the first time, young and black over "experienced" and white.

But what we’ve really done, is elect the man with the story we want. To represent our country, and to represent us, we've chosen the man with the global famly, the man with the intact marriage, the wife who is strong and educated and just as eloquent as he is--and who is, just to add a little spice to the stew, gorgeous, black and taller than her husband. We have also chosen, as role models for our own children, two adorable little girls with healthy curiosity who are being allowed to explore the world freely and openly, who are being well educated and will certainly grow up as bright and strong and articulate as their parents. Our votes have told the world: This is America, this is me.

We’ve chosen the international community. We’ve chosen literacy and integrity. We’ve chosen artistry and poetry. We’ve chosen articulate, well-spoken, honest, transparent government. We've chosen the man who yesterday said to the world community--and to the earth herself, we are your friend.

That’s why we’re proud. Because we’ve elected someone we can become, proudly. Someobe to lead us into the 21st century to realize our extraordinary potential. Someone who will call that potential forth out of each one of us.

Yes, that’s what we’ve done. Yes we did.

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