Thursday, December 17, 2009

Twelve things that inspired me this year

This video, a talk from National Geographic photographer Wade Davis, got me thinking in a new way about the world of communities in which we live.

I'm not much into "woo woo." I know that seems strange: After all, I make my living writing about angels. But I'm really a practical person-a former systems analyst and journalist, who's had the remarkable experience of reading thousands of letters from people all over the world about real-life angel experience.

In the past, I've had trouble articulating exactly what I DO think angels are, where they come from, how they interact with us. But writing my book, Sea of Miracles, this year, has helped me to.... well, to know what I know--and to explain it.

This video... from Abraham-Hicks comes as close to describing the way I see God--and angels--as anything I've found - the "vortex" of well-being out of which the angels work, out of which all things come and into which all things return.

You've already seen this one - everyone has. Still, I'm including it in my inspiration round-up because each and every time I watch it, I'm reminded of the remarkable magic of a dream; and that, anyone could be hiding the most marvelous talent under the most ordinary exterior.

This blogger, Maira Kalman, a gifted illustrator, whose work has many times graced the covers of the New Yorker. Kalman's work came to my attention through my sister, Beth, also an artist. Beth crafts her work in clay, and her 50th birthday gift to me, top row, far left at Wise Old Bird, made me cry - because being seen really, deeply seen by someone you love, is the greatest gift of all.

This question: Now that my children have left for college, what will I make of all the empty space left behind? What will I make of me?

That question led me to...

Raw. A whole new way of eating - and the chef turned blogger who, using her culinary training, created the delicious recipes that finally got me to try it. Since August, when I encountered Susan Powers' beautiful blog and recipes, I've lost 22 of the most stubborn pounds on the planet. I feel more energized and alive than I have in years.

and back to...

And poetry.
And my own journey.
And the way that my teacher, Suzi Weiss, helps me braid them all together.

and to...

Twitter. To say Twitter has changed my life would sound ridiculous. But it has.
On Twitter, you 'follow' people who seem interesting and engage with them in bursts of 140-character "tweets". Your tribe builds and before you know it, you're chatting about babies with a new mom in Australia at the same time you're discussing a spiritual conundrum with a banker in Wisconsin. Follow me at @amyoscar and I'll show you around... just remember to let me know you're there by addressing a tweet to @amyoscar

A new way of doing business.

Heart of Business from Mark Silver, a gifted writer and spiritual teacher who is also a Dad. Mark teaches, "You can make a profit while making a difference." More important, he serves as a role model - a man walking the spiritual path right down the center of the material world, having fun and making money doing it.


Jonathan Fields, the author of Career Renegade, and his "Tribal Author Boot Camp" - a weekend workshop that arrived just where and when I needed it. (Funny how that happens!) With a generosity I've rarely encountered, Jonathan shares his secrets of successful "tribe-building" - and the tools we need to establish an online presence. Most important, he shares his heart, encouraging us to do the same. "Give more than you get," he teaches. "Build your business around the work that you'd do anyway - even if you never received a dime for doing it."

These teachers inspired me to ask: What do I do anyway? and out of that inquiry, to start the Spirited Writers Collective where I get to do what I love doing--supporting other writers in achieving their dreams. And I invite you to join us!


Janet Paist at the Angel Salon who discovered me, about a year ago, and put me "on the air". Since then, our weekly radio show: Angels and Archetypes! and the people that we connect with in our chat room and on the air conversation, have inspired me beyond what words can express.

A brain researcher/scientist finds herself experiencing a stroke and realizing: "We are energy beings connected to each other ... as one human family... brothers and sisters on this planet here to make the world a better place." Profoundly inspiring. Have a tissue handy.




Finally, the inspiration I did not number because it is eternal and without boundary: My family - especially my husband, whose brilliant architectural projects awe me, and in whose enduring love, I rest,

From our house to yours, Happy Holidays and a Bright and Shiny New Year filled with inspiration!


Rebecca Elia said...

Thank you so much, Amy, for this inspirational post. I will be reposting it on twitter and facebook!

Sharon said...

What a beautiful list of gratitude for inspiration the world has brought you! Love it! Will be sitting down and thinking my list through.

wholly jeanne said...

now this is a great idea. and fun. found you via @emmajames on twitter. (special one, her.) think i'll go look for you on twitter right now . . . then start making my list - and checking it twice, of course.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Beautiful. Loved reading all your inspiration in one place... it is like inviting us to your holiday table.

Amy Oscar said...

So glad you enjoyed this - I had a ball putting it together. Gave me a chance to review a truly remarkable year!