Tuesday, March 2, 2010

If it feeds, seeds or succeeds, it leads

Challenge to the media:

For one day, one week, one month, I dare you to change your formula. The old one: If it bleeds it leads does nothing to uplift, to teach, to heal or encourage.

And its not even "the truth." I mean, sure there is darkness; but the truth is: There is also light.

I dare you to focus on the light.

I dare you to change the formula for one day, one week, one month to: It only leads if it feeds, seeds or succeeds.

You can still show your stories about people being crappy to each other - about terrorism, violence, car crashes, fires, and all the lurking bad guys we should be afraid of - just put them on later in the program. Put them on when we're getting that second cup of tea - you know, when we're out of the room.

I'm not saying it's your fault the world is in the shape it's in (though we could have a spirited discussion about just that). It’s not your fault – but it IS your responsibility. Knowing what we know about influence, about tribes, about pack mentality, about law of attraction… you need to step up and take action. You need to lead.

Love sells as well as hate; miracles sell as well as disasters.
You can shift the focus of our attention from tragedy, gun violence, death and destruction to building, growing, flourishing.

Come on, I dare you.


sheila said...

I couldn't agree with you more!

Mary Beth said...

Another wonderful post-I have made a choice to think upon only positive things for the last 21 days (keeping count!) - it has made a tremendous difference in my own thought process and my relationships... a true blessing. It is not that the negative doesn't come up...but when it does.... I choose to put a positive, loving spin on it. Thanks for sharing, Amy. : )

blogomomma said...

Bravo! Saying something we're all thinking , needing, longing for.
YOU are light my love in and of yourself! Keep up the great work!

Sally G. said...

In many ways, I feel the media is the reactionary force ... reacting in ways that brings the greatest numbers, viewership, advertising dollars.

It is all of us that needs to change. Like Sheila, like Mary Beth, like blogomomma - WE need to change.

We need to shift our hunger for the quick byte, the 'watercooler' media moment we can discuss for days, the distractions, red herrings and top-line skimming of issues that serve only to cloud or veil truth ~ leaving us feeling satiated, so we walk away without critically thinking the issue, seeking out other angles, digging deeper and truly attaching meaning to what was offered.

If we weren't 'buying what they're selling' ~ they'd soon work a little harder to figure out what we'd buy ... and everything would change.

I have LOTS of rose coloured glasses if anyone wants to borrow a pair ...

Peter Cimino said...

Alas, the mainstream media will not adopt your suggestion, but it doesn't matter. People are not paying attention to them any longer. Network news is down 50%; New York Times readership even more. US News and World Reports went out of business...Newsweek just up for sale.

People get their news on web sites and periodicals they like, on tv and radio shows they prefer. They are not bound by the MSM.

There's a problem, though. People tend to gravitate to shows, periodicals and web sites that buttress their own opinions.

Progressives and Dems go to the NY Times, MSNBC and the Daily Kos; Conservatives to the Wall Street Journal and Fox News; Sports Fans to ESPN; younger people to John Stewart and the Colbert Report; IQ challenged people to Jersey Shore and the Kardashians.

If one never gets out of their niche, conservatives never see good ideas from progressives, liberals never see if conservatives have something important to say; sports fans will think the first African-American president is Lebron James; the IQ challenged will not notice an oil spill unless Kate Gosselin and Tiger Woods are dancing on it.

This balkanization takes us away from the "bleeds/leads", but how do you get people to expand their world view, even a bit? I don't know.

Amy Oscar said...

Oh, PC - I'm afraid that I agree with you, too. Sigh.
I was reacting, too briefly and with too little depth, to being bombarded with crappy news teasers when I venture anywhere near FoxTV (like to watch the American Idol finals) or any of the network evening programs. Sick of it. Just show me the program and I will decide where to get my news.

Glad you posted this comment - which is much more thoughtful and intelligent than my rant.

mydivabydesign - The Diva's Home said...

The thing is we aren't 'buying what they're selling. People are ignoring them more and more. They don't seem to feel the need to change and so they just dig in deeper with their ugliness and we get tired and switch the channel. I don't watch much news anymore because it is so one-sided. Sad.....we ALL have something to give but they only show the ones who take.

Amy Oscar said...

The theme in these comments seems to be "we aren't buying what they're selling anymore." And in that way, we are voting with our pocketbooks- taking our eyeballs elsewhere.

How can we now raise our voices so that they know WHY we are turning away from them? because they don't know - they don't get it. They're not asking the right questions; their focus groups aren't telling them: You upset me; I don't feel good when I watch this news; this isn't the world that I live in.

Thank you all for superbly thoughtful comments.
What do we do now? that's what I'm going to think on today.