Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Also found in the box in my office...

"The moon is following us," four-year-old Katie giggles.
"It is not, Katie!" Max, 6, corrects her. "It follows everyone."
"How does it do that?" I ask.
"Everyone has their own family moon," he explains.
"What if I go this way and you go that way," I ask. (A true scientist must suffer many doubters.)
"Then it breaks in half and you have a half moon and so do I," he says.
"Oh, of course!" I laugh. "And then it grows into a full moon."
'Yes," he says. "Everyone starts with a little piece of moon and it grows up."

The next morning at the bus stop, Max elaborated, "I think it starts as a neighborhood moon. Then as each person wakes up and goes out, their little piece of moon follows them."
"Does it all go back together in the night?" I ask.
"No, you get to keep your piece."

Max is 22 now. Katie is 19. The moon's still following them - and me.


Shelly Kramer said...

I love it. As I think you know, my 4yo twins still think their daddy hauls out a friend's ladder every night, climbs up and hangs the moon, just for them. So touching. And your story is perfect - the moon does follow us. All of us. Every single day. Thanks Amy - for finding the beauty in everything. Always.

Amy Oscar said...

And you know what, they will never stop believing that about their daddy. I loved YOUR moon story, Shelly. If you want to leave the link here, I'm sure my readers would enjoy it, too.

And thank YOU for always finding the beauty in ME! Love the way you support people. Seriously.