Thursday, June 3, 2010

Today is a day about love

The following post is copied directly from my Twitter stream. If you have never been on Twitter, let me explain a few things. If you're familiar with Twitter, just skip ahead...

Each line of this post is a single 'tweet.' A tweet is a one line message, limited to 140-characters, sent out into the Twitterverse one at a time. There are codes and abbreviations to help tweeters maximize the limited space.

-Each person on Twitter has a Twitter name. That name is preceded by '@' (So my Twitter name is #amyoscar)
-'RT' means 'retweeted from" and indicates that I copied something another tweeter wrote into my stream so that my own followers could read it.
- 'IRL' means "In real life"
- As in other social media - texting, facebook - 'LOL' means 'laughing out loud'

On Twitter, the hashtag or "#" is used in many ways. I use it to punch up my copy; to drive a point home, as you'll see below. Many people use it to group tweets into categories. (Examples: #Poetry #Quote #BreakingNews)

Some people use hashtags as a search tool, allowing them to easily find the tweets they're searching for. This is particularly helpful for people who're following a news story. And some examples of this from today's headlines would be: #OilSpill #Haiti #Israel #GoldenGirls

Finally, there are hashtags that help people 'meet' on Twitter for group conversations. An example of this would be: #amwriting which, theoretically, could be searched to locate other writers who're hard at work. (Of course, it you really think about it, people who claim #amwriting are really #NotWriting because they are on Twitter!)

Anyway, that should help

The following tweets are in reverse order: in other words, the last one I wrote appears at the top of the list, the first one at the bottom.

I could have gone through and rearranged them but I like it this way. It still works.



Clearly I am #NotWriting

This is what Fire Yoga does to me #Apparently #ILikeIt

RT @RayBeckerman: RT @ksquared3 Bamboo is remarkably soft, more so than cashmere, like old worn silk.

RT @jenlouden: Marketing idea for today: read some Hafiz, study the sky, sip some tea: connect with yourself and your desires to serve first

@ace5950 :) Thanks

@IrishArtsCenter And HERE is someone that I love IRL!!!

@ladieswholaunch Hi Beth. Following you now. Nice to find you here on Twitter.

@jenlouden :) xxoo

:) Thanks for being a space where I could do that. @SquarePegKaren

Feel around for it. Find the love that is there, waiting patiently for your invitation.

Where are you blocking the flow of love that comes, that lives right beside you because it is so wide, so vast, so REAL?

So here is Q for you: Where are you withholding love from yourself?


Love that I have not been able to flow; love that frightens me with its intensity. Love. And as it burned thru me, I let it scour my heart.

And all of this feeling, all of this missing, all of this sadness was pure joy, bursting through me - all of this sorrow was also LOVE.

I felt my husband, working so hard to take care of us all, so hard. And I missed him, even tho he is here - because all that work takes him

I felt my son, working four hours away this summer, at a beach resort, and I missed him, too - and I let myself feel that

I felt my mother, recovering from open heart surgery, slowly drawing toward the end of her life, and I missed her - with all my heart.

I lay on my mat in shabasana, tears streaming into my ears and I FELT MY LIFE.

Today in yoga, we did fire breath - and eventually, my heart cracked open and I let myself cry.

YES! RT @shaboom: RT @AmyOscar: Today is a day about love << Let's celebrate!

What if we ALWAYS followed the guidance that came to us? What then?

So full, so full. So rich and bright.

@adamslisa Headache healing angels speeding to COnnecticut.

And we are love too

All of these gifts - freely given - are MADE OF the Divine's precious love for us; they ARE love; just as the Divine, too, IS love.

When we examine this love, we see that it is the same love that we find in sunshine, in rain, in the air we breathe, the water we drink.

@pattidigh ahem... I can spell #congratulations

@pattidigh I will have champagne after MY book edits are sent back to editor! (Then we will celebrate!) #COngratualtions

Eyes open, heart open - meeting what comes with a clear mind, focused on love.

Well, thank you - and so are you! RT @elissastein: @AmyOscar You are truly sunshine today.

However.... even as we are dropping into the endless pool of love, we must stay awake. This is the challenge of our time.

When I invite love to live through me - to express love's-self through my voice, hands and heart - I, too, am love. And so are you.

When we peel away all the things that WE add onto love - fear, longing, misunderstanding, competition, terror, doubt - there is love.

Love, love, love - love in all of its forms.

Today is a day about love


Dian Reid said...

and some people say twitter is a waste of time. #theydontfollow@AmyOscar

mydivabydesign - The Diva's Home said...

It's nice to read about people being able to open up. Not something I am able to do. When I do, I guess I pick the wrong person because I get slapped down every time. Oh well. I'll open up to my horse! He doesn't care what I say, as long as I feed him and love on him!:)

Amy Oscar said...

Dian - :) Thanks for stopping by.

Diva - I'm so sorry that you get slapped down when you open up. People don't realize the hurt their words can cause. Here's a thought: What if you approached the people you open up to in the same way that you approach your horse?

What I mean is, what would happen if you assume people don't care what you say, as long as you feed and love them? And if you walk away after the encounter, without expecting anything from them?

Easier said than done, I know! But I've found Byron Katie's work helped me with this particular issue.

Marjory said...

Beautiful Amy! To allow yourself to feel it all until you get to the rawness of the love sustaining everything in your world. Thanks for sharing, such a glorious glimpse of your heart!

wholly jeanne said...

yep, i think i'm at a stage where it's the peeling away, the scouring that will reveal this essential kind of love. removing the barnacles off my heart boat. cleaning the film off my heart mirror. getting all the rust off my heart's windchimes. whatever metaphor, it's the same peeling away, the same scouring. lovely conversation, my morning glory.

Elle's Life On Purpose said...

1) Think symbolically
Blood = your energy, life force. You are wasting alot of energy, something is draining you, something perhaps connected to your hands. You are a writer, no? Your work is draining you or you are letting it. Or you are bleeding financially. It sounds like that is a real possibility given what you described with health insurance.

Hands = Your ability to handle a situation. Do you need help? How are you expressing yourself. Your hands are key to your life, work, expression. Are you feeling incapable of expressing yourself?

Black man = something mysterious or unknown is propping you up, keeping you intact.

Spanish foreign stranger = an aspect of your own personality that you do not recognize as your own. You may be dealing with foreign territory in your waking life. Are you in a new situation in your life that makes you feel lost as to what to do?

White shirt = a new beginning, purity, innocence. do you feel you have lost your innocence? You were terrified of losing it, making a mess and then when you surrendered in the arms of mystery, it seemed to matter less.

Medical people = doctors represent time for healing. The doctor was the part of you that knows what is good for you. Are you in an unhealthy relationship with your work? Are you resentful of the burden on your shoulders? The nurse obviously represents the shame you feel about not having enough to pay for insurance. The doctors advice is important to listen's your own advice to yourself.

the blue chairs = symbolizes where you sit in you feel you sit in a waiting room? Waiting for something to happen? Waiting for others? Watching emergencies and catastrophies? Maybe a bit of the Gulf oil/war/economic collapse fears expressing themselves there? Blue is often associated with depression. You may feel depressed about where you find yourself.

I really enjoyed your writing. You will be published. Just listen to those mysterious forces holding you up right now. They are taking good care of you.

Lisa Merrai (vivalabonbon)