Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Your life gesture

I didn't mean to neglect you!

I've been working so hard - posting over at my new website, learning to build web pages and do a bit of HTML. I've set up bookstore (and please stop by!) and learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

(Doesn't THAT sound impressive?)

Anyway, here's the link to my latest post: Your Life Gesture In keeping with my new, more frequent blogging commitment - it's short and to the point. So I'd love to read your comments on the post - or the change in style.

I'm taking up the "if you're a real blogger" challenge of posting something several times a week - and of posting it quickly, without making a big fuss about every little detail. Which is giving my perfectionist a run for her money!

Thanks for hanging in with me through this incredible transition as I launch into the next part of my life.



1 comment:

Christina - The Diva's Home said...

It IS time consuming learning to do your own webpage! It took me a month to get one page up. (I am still working on the rest!) Keep up the great work! I enjoy your posts!