Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Writer's Notes

Threads that must be tied off before the book is finished:

- The Christmas dilemma must be resolved.
- The issue of the Paris Poster
- Buying a house
- Migraines

And of course there is the matter of the many story lines - the question of how to divide it: By person, by time, by theme?

And the way that, writing memoir, most of the story is over, has come to some sort of resolution before you ever mail the manuscript to the moon.

When it feels stale to me, I wonder. Is it really worth repeating.
And then there is the way that each time I come back to the pile of pages, open the lid on this story, I am sucked back into it.

Funny how that happens.

Voiceover (several voices, whispering):
Voice 1: Where is she going to start?
Voice 2: Oh, for heaven sake, it makes no difference at all.
Voice 3: She can’t just start anywhere!
Voice 2: Of course, she can. It’s… Stop pushing, there’s room for everyone. Stand over here. Good, now everyone can see…

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