Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some posts from the other blog


I love that this post originally came up authored by Mmangen. (It wasn't - and we fixed it.)
I love that it was January 20th when I wrote my January 19th post.
These things remind me that right now, I am practicing UnPerfecting myself.

(And just so you know, this is not a misspelling or misunderstanding of the word imperfection. They are close cousins, these words, but they are not the same thing.)

UnPerfecting is a process - a day by day, step by step peeling away of the layers of mind chatter, ego BS, noise and junk that goes on in the mind in order to keep us from seeing how already perfect we are. Click here to read the rest...

At the Diner:

At the diner, i close my eyes to bring mindfulness to my food and I find that I am thinking, instead, about the man at the next table. He is facing me, staring either at me, or over my shoulder. I wonder if he is watching me, judging me or the way that I eat, or whether he is judging the food items I’ve selected. Click here to read the rest...

We are all so lonely

This morning, I woke up with these words in my head and aching through my heart: I feel so alone.
But I don’t feel alone, I thought. So what does this message mean – and who is it for?
Mom? Dad? My husband, still asleep?
One of my children?
I got up and shook it off with a vague sense of guilt, as if I were letting someone down. Was there someone to whom I was meant to deliver this message?

A few hours later, I was sitting here – working on the last chapter of my book, a bear of a thing – a manifesto about choice and suffering and prayer – when I understood that early morning message.
I know who called.

You. Me – and everyone we know.

In fact, the whole world is calling.
We all feel so alone. Click here to read the rest...