Saturday, March 12, 2011

The awareness

The awareness is mysterious: I finish a book about light and I am drawn, immediately, into a conversation with shadow.

The awareness is playful: I pray for my life to change and what happens? I am changed - and am able to change my own life.

The awareness is so big. It is astonishing! How can it be, we wonder (at least I do - constantly) that it can be everywhere, in all things, at once?

Here's a post about Shadow and Light, and a wish: May your day be blessed with light, love and life.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Introducing my book, Sea of Miracles!

No matter how lost or alone you may feel or how stressful your life, you are surrounded—right now—by a responsive loving energy that wants you to be happy. Though most people never see their angels, you’ve been feeling their presence – through intuitive hunches, ‘coincidental’ meetings, signs and synchronicity - all of your life.

Your every longing is heard, your every prayer responded to. Six years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to say that with such authority. But I can now—now that I’ve found myself swimming in the Sea of Miracles.

For the past six years, since 2004, I’ve been reading stories about angels – thousands of stories from real people from around the world who’ve had a direct, personal encounter with the Divine: People just like you.

I’ve read stories about terminal illnesses that were instantly healed; disembodied voices shouting life-saving commands; mysterious nurses who appear beside hospital beds in the middle of the night to offer comfort; doctors who materialize at accident scenes to speak life saving advice before EMTs arrive and then disappear without a trace.

I’ve read stories about lost heirloom jewelry—watches, wedding rings, diamonds—suddenly found. I’ve read about children led home by gentle strangers no one’s seen before (or since); about flocks of butterflies returning day after day to comfort the grieving; of birds that visit the lonely, the frightened, the seriously ill—bringing the courage and hope they need to survive.

I have always believed in angels, people often begin or, I’ve never been sure about angels… but I am now!

I know just what they mean. Though I’ve worked with spiritual materials for 25 years – as a spiritual counselor, writer, and teacher—though I’ve experienced many things that couldn’t be explained as mere coincidence I simply wasn’t prepared for the way that reading these stories would change my life.

You see, I didn’t believe in angels. To me, the winged and haloed messengers were mythological the stuff of myth—they were metaphors, I thought, an attempt for human beings to explain their interactions with something they couldn’t quantify, see or understand any other way.

There’s a well-worn phrase, beloved by storytellers and magazine editors that perfectly sums up my state of mind when this project began: Little did she know.

For little did I know, as I began to read, that these stories would deliver—drop by precious drop – an infusion of grace straight to my heart.

Sea of Miracles is a book about my journey and yours. It's a book about angels - but more than that, it's about finding the spirit that lives in the simple things - work, family, marriage, traffic jams - and all the spaces in between. And through these things, deepening your everyday connection to the Divine.


There are so many ways to read and enjoy a book these days - and we are delighted to offer Sea of Miracles in the following ways: (Simply click on the option you prefer)

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Whatever option you choose, I am so grateful for your interest in my work.
Big, huge gratitude hugs!

Amy :)